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Our policy

This Policy Statement is approved by the Company´s Top Management and is applicable to all Company´s employees, ashore and onboard ships. The Company is committed to communicating this Policy Statement to all employees, to any contractors working with or on behalf of the Company and to the public.

The Company is further committed to providing all necessary resources for the implementation of this policy towards compliance of the Company´s Management System. This Policy Statement is subject to annual review by the Top Management for continued suitability. Unless changes are effected, this poster remains valid and does not need to be re-issued annually.



  • Providing customers with competent, safe, environmentally sound and cost effective services, which meet best industry standards
  • Striving for continual improvement in all areas of activity


  • Providing excellent ship management services
  • Meeting and exceeding customer requirements
  • Providing tailor-made innovative services which are cost-effective, safe and reliable
  • Developing and upgrading resources
  • Creating and implementing Industry Best Practices


  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees
  • Aiming for accident free operation
  • Preventing loss of life, property and damage
  • Assessing all risks to its ships´ personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards
  • Complying with all industry National and International rules and regulations
  • Improving the safety skills of its employees
  • Continuously promoting a safety culture
  • Preparing to respond to any kind of emergency


  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulatory controls
  • Preserving and protecting natural resources
  • Preventing any kind of pollution
  • Reducing the impact resulting from Company activities on the environment
  • Encouraging respect and responsibility from all employees towards the environment
  • Joining efforts with local society and other international and national organisations for protection of the world´s environment


  • Strictly prohibiting employees to carry out duties whilst impaired by alcohol or any illegal or non-prescribed drug
  • Dismissing any employee found to be breaking these Company rules


  • Ensuring ethical conduct in business practice
  • Promoting honesty, integrity and fairness in business
  • Protecting all employees and the Company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly


  • Preventing, detecting and reporting bribery
  • Full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to Corruption and Anti-Bribery legislation
  • Maintaining a ´zero-tolerance´ stance towards any form of bribery
  • Enforcing disciplinary action and/or dismissing any employee that breaches the Company´s Anti-Bribery Policies and/or procedures
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